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Modul Personal Coaching: 


Personal Coaching Info

Pengenalan Asas:

- Pengenalan Pasaran Hadapan dan Pasaran Saham

- Asas Pasaran

- Kitaran Ekonomi

- Bursa Markets & World Markets comparison

- Futures Markets:

Energy – US Oil (WTI), UK Oil, Natural Gas etc

Metal – Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum etc

Commodities Market - Soybean Oil, Corn, Coffee etc

Pengenalan FCPO, Crude Oil dan Global Markets:

- Maksud Kontrak

- Kelebihan Pasaran Hadapan (Futures Markets) berbanding Saham

- Sesi Urusniaga

- Jenis-jenis Urusniaga

- Margin Pasaran

Charting & Software Coaching: 

- QST, Trading View

- How to install

- How to set up

- How to use

- How to fully maximizing features

Analisa Fundamental:

- Faktor permintaan dunia

- Faktor penawaran dan pengeluaran

- Faktor-faktor lain - cuaca, bencana alam, peperangan

- Sentimen Pasaran

Market Structure

- Hukum Market Belian

- Hukum Market Jualan

- Wave Theory

Analisa Teknikal:

Candlestick Pattern (CSP):

- Japanese Candlestick Pattern - Hanging Man, Shooting Star, Hammer, Inverted Hammer etc

- Bullish Patterns

- Bearish Patterns

- Bullish and Bearish Reversal Patterns

- Bullish and Bearish Continuation Patterns

- Psikologi Di Sebalik Candlestick Patterns

Chart Patterns (CP):

- Head and Shoulder, Flag, Pennant, Diamond, Cup N Handle, Parabolic, Wedges etc

- Breakout Pattern

- Pattern Failure

- Psikologi Di Sebalik Chart Pattern

Support & Resistances and Validation Zone

- Identifying support and resistance line and zone

- Trend lines – identifying trend lines

- Diagonal, horizontal trend lines

- Channels – type of channels

- Channel breakouts

- Identify Valid Zones


- Retracement

- Expansion

- Application

- Invisible support and resistance lines

Teknikal Indicators (Lagging vs Leading)

Futures Intell Trading Setups:

- High winning probability trading setups:

1. Candle Action (CA)

- CA + SnR Zone

- CA + PB Level

- CA + SnD Zone

- CA + Order Flow Level

2. SnR Zone

3. BFZ (Buffer Zone)

4. Tsunami Wave

- Complex Pullback Scenario

5. Three Swordsmen (Breakout Strategy)

6. Fire Attack (Optimum Continuation Momentum Wave)

7. PB (Pullback)

- PB + Candle Action

- PB + SnR Zone

- PB + BFZ

Order Flow 

  • Nett Order Flow
  • Order Flow Level (OFL)
  • Order Flow Zone (OFZ)

Artificial Intelligence Script:

  1. CE-S
  2. CE-PB
  3. OFL
  4. HL (Hedging Level) Management

Finance Management

- Stop Loss (SL)

- Trailing Stop (TS)

- Risk Reward Ratio (RRR)

- Capital and lot exposure

Holistic Trading Applications:

1. HWP -High Winning Probability (Kemungkinan Kemenangan Yang Tinggi)

2.  MRE - Minimum Risk Entry (Kemasukan Risiko Rendah)

3.  OPM - Optimum Profit Management (Pengurusan Keuntungan Optimum)

4.  TET - Trading Entry Tactical (Taktikal Memasuki Dagangan)

Understanding Market:

- What to see when in the market

- Market noise – how to avoid them

- Market movers vs Fake tipster

- Real stop loss and mental stop loss

Trading Psychology

- Psychologically Confirmed Levels

- Non-psychologically Confirmed Levels

- Fear Factor

- Defensive or Attacking Style?

Trading Simulation and Live Trading Practical

- top down analysis 

- How to order

- How to cancel order

- How to take profit

- How to exit

- How to write an order

- How to start a trading journal

- Paper trade

- Trader’s journal and Post Mortems

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